A trim is exactly the same as a Haircut…

Haircut & Style By Otavio

We get asked VERY often, “Why isn’t a trim cheaper than a haircut as its very different”. The answer we always give is that a haircut is exactly the same as a trim and here is why:

  1. We are still cutting every bit of hair regardless of the type of cut service.
  2. We still go through the exact same method of technique.
  3. The time of the service is exactly the same.
  4. Often a ‘trim’ can be deemed more valuable than a haircut due to the necessary need to trim before your hair splits and being able to grow your hair longer successfully.

A haircut will always be a haircut regardless of the inches that are being cut.

Why do we recommend trims so often?

A matter of 1 week can be the difference between your hair splitting and not splitting. If you aren’t using professional haircare to help protect and highly nourish your hair, you may been prone to split ends a little more. Especially if you colour your hair regularly and heat style very often. If you do invest in great haircare you may be able to push your haircut by another couple of weeks before splitting occurs and get some extra longevity.

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Haircut & Style By Elvinas

” Think of a trim as a maintenance haircut”