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Now in his 13th year as a hairstylist, Elvinas began his career in the London Hair Scene at one of Covent Garden’s most prestigious salons before venturing North to Primrose Hill where he settled in one of the neighbourhoods well established salons. During his years on Regents Park Road, Elvinas built strong relationships with the local community and celebrity clientele, forming friendships with the regular patrons who came for their bespoke hair treatments.

The vision Elvinas has for Elk, is to introduce a London salon that feels like home, where clients look forward to coming for the experience of feeling part of the community with the added bonus of a 7* treatment.


Art director

With almost 20 years hair experience, Gilmar has had a well travelled career from starting out in his hometown of Rio De Janeiro via 8 years of training in France & Switzerland before taking on roles at some of London’s most reputable salons.

Gilmar is our Master of Curls, utilising his Rio Heritage to deliver exceptional Brazilian Keratin blow dries for his clients. Always at the forefront of new techniques, Gilmar is also our Air Touch Balayage specialist, delivering highly technical bespoke highlights to our clientele.


Art director

David has been passionate about the hairdressing industry from a young age, starting his career early at 14 whilst at school, before moving to London and working with top salons and award winning hairdressers.

David now has 22 years’ experience under his belt and knows that the key to making clients feel great, is to listen to them carefully. He thrives on creating cuts and colours that suit his clients’ lifestyles and personalities, making them wake up happy every day, in the same way he feels by doing a job he loves! David’s speciality is creating relaxed, wearable hair styles that will completely change a person’s mood and boost their confidence.


Massage specialist

Specialising in Deep Tissue and Thai Massage, Sabera has been undoing the knots of a stressful London life on her long standing clientele for eight years. Unlike other masseuses in London, Sabera takes the time to understand the cause of the underlying stress and tensions her clients present with.

Always approaching each massage with an understanding of everyone’s personal journeys of aches and pains, Sabera will do her best to offer a tailored experience to get to the root cause of your tension. Whether that is an unknown clenching of your jaw, or one too many hours hovered over your laptop driving that pesky pain down your neck – Sabera has the techniques to help you unwind, heal and start your next week afresh.

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