Balayage and the shades we love!

At ELK our team are highly experienced colour technicians. With over 50 years worth of experience between our stylists, we have got you covered for when it comes to a flawless Balayage service. Here are some techniques and shades we love to create for you…..

1.Beige Blonde

Not that there’s anything wrong with warm golden blonde’s AT ALL, we are just in love with a beige blonde. Get the tone right and you have an uber creamy, light tone that looks ultra luxe looking. Sufficient, clean lift is the key with this tone so creative Balayage is essential. It takes a little longer and is more expensive, but you cannot put a price on this style of hair if you not only want it to look great, but feel great too.

Balayage Colour and Style by Gilmar

2.Champagne Blonde

Similar to a beige blonde but think more biscuit and tan tones. This is the ultimate tone of blonde as it has enough warmth to bring a glow to your skin without being too blonde and drowning you out. Sufficient lift is also needed and adding ribbons of beige blonde to this tone makes the overall style the most luxurious and expensive of all the blonde tones out there. 

Balayage Colour and Style by Elvinas

3.Mocha brunette

We absolutely LOVE a mocha brunette here at ELK! This Ultra glossy, warming and seductive tone, is the ultimate for hair that is naturally brunette and needing a little lift and sparkle. It is super low maintenance and needs much less lift than most other Balayage services, so it is the best thing for long, healthy conditioned hair.

Balayage Colour and Style by Gilmar