Beach Blonde

Colour and Styling by Elvinas

Having a beach blonde hair colour can require a little maintenance, but don’t let you put you off going for this bright and fun style. This is the perfect colour for anyone a darker blonde level naturally and above. Any naturally darker bases may require multiple sessions to lift you lighter gradually whilst maintaining the integrity of the hairs condition. Follow these simple steps to look after your bleach blonde hair colour at home….

  1. Up your haircare game. Bleach blondes need a little more looking after, so ensure you are doing weekly mask treatments at home and alternate your moisture hair care with strengthening too for added protein to prevent breakage.
  2. In salon intense treatments and Olaplex Treatments will be your best friend. Try and pop into the salon at least once a month for your intense boost of condition.
  3. Be careful with excessive heat. An over use of heat can cause severe dryness, breakage and cause your toner to fade quicker. Make sure to use a lower hair drying heat and a heat protector when using curling irons. ( This includes water temperature. Avoid using hot water and try to finish with a cooler rinse to maintain tone and vibrancy ).
  4. Try and wash your hair a little less than you usually would to maintain natural oils.
  5. Neutralising unwanted yellow/orange tones – Add colour corrective shampoos and conditioners to use every few washes to maintain the blonde tone. At ELK Hair + Body, we love the Heart Of Glass Range by Davines for maintaining beach blonde colours.
  6. 6-weekly toners – Even though your Balayage or Highlights may last 10-12 weeks, your tone will not as they aren’t permanent colours. You will need to refresh and revive your hairs tone 6 weekly to keep it looking fresh at all times.