Creative/Diverse Balyage Services at ELK Hair + Body

Creative/Diverse Balayage, Toning, Olaplex and Cut and Style by Otavio

At ELK Hair + Body we highly specialise in Balayage and more specifically Creative and Diverse Balayage. What is a Creative and Diverse balayage? This is our fancy name for a Balayage that requires a little more technical work and a mix of different techniques to achieve a bespoke look. Majority of Balayage services these days will be a little more creative and Diverse as Hair fashion evolves. We also need to offer Creative and Diverse Balayage to work with individual’s certain hair types that may act and lay in certain ways.

This technique usually has a base technique of weaving and/or slicing sections of the hair which are then back combed and freehand painted. Then through the top section of the hair incorporate Baby-light foils and classic weave foils depending on the desired look ( The technique used in the attached image ).

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