Embrace Curl & Natural Texture

It has been said that 2022 is THE YEAR for curls and natural hair texture dominance. The market for naturally curly hair is growing and growing and more people are starting to embrace their hair’s natural texture and find new and inventive ways to show off this beautiful style.

A huge must have for curly and textured hair is an investment in good quality hair products. Gone are the days of scrunching in gels and mousses and having that “crunchy feel”. Now we embrace a more natural feel with the use of moisturizing creams, serum oils and defining creams to help maintain excess frizz, curl control and ultra definition. 

At Elk our Brazilian Blowdry expert Gilmar says “ For excessively curly hair types we are now seeing less relaxer services being used and being replaced with Brazilian Keratin treatments. What this treatment offers is still maintaining your curls natural shape and texture, but dramatically reducing frizz and slightly relaxing excessively curly, coiled hair types. This ultimately leaves you with a more manageable and maintainable style whilst adding some shine and definition”.