Embracing warmth

Balayage, creative toning & styling by Elvinas

For so long, warmth in blonde hair has always been seen as a problem and an unwanted tone. 2022 has seen a surge in people embracing those natural warm hues and more and more people are now asking for an overall warmer look. We LOVE warm tones here at ELK Hair + Body and here’s why……..

  1. Pretty much ALL hair types naturally have a warm undertone. Working with these tones mean you have minimal damage when lightening hair as you aren’t lifting to such a high level shade to then tone super cool.
  2. Maintenance of warm blondes is soooo much easier to manage. All you will need to do is invest in a professional haircare range for colour, ensuring the longevity of your colour and your hairs condition. No silver shampoos or weekly toning mask needed here!
  3. Warmth in hair brings warmth to our natural complexion and giving us an overall more healthy glow.
  4. Warmer tones tend to make hair look overall more glossy and healthy looking.

Embrace the warmth!