End of summer hair detox

As summer draws to an end, this is now the time to give your hair the break it needs and up your haircare routine. With the length of time we have had the sun shining this summer to summer vacations where we frolic in the sea and gorgeous hotel pools, our hair at this point in feeling a little delicate. So here are some top tips on what you can do to achieve glossy locks once again……..

In Salon conditioning Treatments

Sometimes it may seem like a costly expense to add an in salon treatment to your 6-weekly hair cut appointment however, these are an essential part in flooding your hair with the extra condition it needs in a more intense way. Treatments cater to all hair needs such as moisture, strengthening, frizz and shine and will continue to last in the hair when you compliment it with the right haircare.

Balayage, Olaplex. Luxury Treatment & Styling by Otavio

using the correct professional haircare products

Sometimes we use the completely wrong hair products for our hairs needs. More commonly than not people often will use moisture based products when they need strengthening protein based and vice versa. Once you get the correct haircare regime, your hair should instantly start to feel better after a week of using the products. The rule of 3 is always the best. At ELK Hair + Body we believe the top 3 items you need are as followed;

  1. Shampoo
  2. Condition ( or mask for thicker hair types )
  3. Protecting Balm or Cream

Remember not only is the shampoo and treating products important, it is the protection after this step and before blow-drying and straightening /curling which is vital too. These 3 steps will ensure your hair is feeling it’s best at all times.

Davines – One of the leading brands we stock at ELK Hair + Body for retail

a haircut and finish service

Nothing can beat a great haircut. Your hair instantly feels better, lighter and more manageable. Haircut’s should always be on average 6-8 weeks between each one. The reason for this is for you lovely ladies who wish to grow your hair longer, more healthily and successfully. Leaving our hair for long period of time gives it more of a chance to become excessively dry beyond repair, or so split that larger amounts are required to be cut, so your hair can feel good and have the chance to grow long again. Keep these cuts regular so your long hair goals are reached much sooner.

Balayage, Olaplex, Luxury Treatment and Maintenance Haircut by Elvinas

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