Everything you need to know about a Gel Manicure…

Artistic French Shellac Manicure By Gosia

What are the benefits of having a Gel Manicure?

Gel manicures are for anyone and everyone. They are a more ‘hardy’ style of manicure and if looked after well, you can expect them to last 2-3 weeks. Unlike a classic manicure the polish is cured using a UV light. Your manicure will feel stronger and stay glossier the entire duration of your manicure and perfect for someone wanting longevity.

How to remove a Gel Manicure?

The short answer is by coming to the salon and allowing a professional to remove these gently. Do not pick your polish off, this can really damage your nail. We will soak a cotton ball in acetone based solution, wrap your nail with a foil and after 10-15 minutes take off the lifted polish and gently push back any that may still remain. We will then clean the nail and apply a nourishing oil if you aren’t having your gels put back on.

Can Gel Manicures damage your nails?

If not removed correctly, this is the biggest cause of damage with a Gel Manicure, not the polish itself. If not removed properly and gently, damage to the nail bed can occur and ridges in the nail, which will affect future polish adhering to the nail itself and lasting. It’s always a good thing once in a while to skip a gel manicure and give your nails a couple of weeks to breath. Rubbing almond oil into the nails is a great way to get some instant nourishment to your nails in a natural way.

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