Hair-styling tips for all hair types…

Hair-styling can be a little difficult for some people for many reasons. You may have a lot of hair, a hair type that is difficult to maintain or lack of knowledge on the correct products to use. Here are a few tips to help you at home with your haircare routine;

  1. Know your hair type. Once you know exactly how your hair type is, you can then research styling techniques on the best way to maintain this style of hair.
  2. Use the correct products for you hair. Thicker and more curly hair types tend to need heavier and more moisturising and nourishing creams, oils and balms. Finer hair tend to need more lightweight products like light creams, sprays or mousse based products. Damaged hair may need reconstructive creams, light oils and protective sprays for heat styling.
  3. Get the right haircut for your type of hair and desired styling results. It all starts with an accomplished haircut. A great cut will take half the stress away for you when it comes to styling your hair.
  4. Use the right heat styler. So often we can use the wrong hairstyler which gives us the wrong result that we find hard to dress out. GHD is a great brand for creating various types of curls and waves. Albeit glam and glossy waves or textures beach curls.
  5. Learn to embrace your natural texture. By accepting your hairs natural wave and movement, you can find simple and easy ways to maintain it whilst you are on the go.
Glossy Waves by Uca
Textured Beach waves by Gilmar
Sleek and Natural by Elvinas
Natural texture twist blow-dry by Silja
Glam waves by Gilmar