Highlights or Balayage… What is the right service to book?

Sometimes our guests are unsure on what is the correct service for them when making a booking. At ELK Hair & Body we specialize in hair colour services and have got your hair covered. 

Balayage: Whilst there are many techniques in how to apply balayage, there are 2 main services in which you can book.

Freehand balayage – this tends to be a slightly quicker service where the hair remains out of a foil and tends to be for anyone looking for a more natural and softer look where the hairs shade level isn’t lifted too high and a more blended overall look. 

Foilage ( A fancy word for a balayage where foils are used ) -This service takes a little longer and often tends to be more intricate in application. Several techniques may be used to achieve the desired look and the use of foil will be needed to help retain heat and lift the hair to a higher level. Particularly needed on darker bases, or anyone wishing to go very light. Though the hair is being lifted lighter than a classic freehand balayage, the look will still be a softer blend from the root area to make the growing out process a little less obvious and softer. 

Balayage service by Gilmar

( Side note, most balayage services require an additional toning service to be booked in addition. When you are lifting raw hair, a toner is needed to neutralise then deposit the final colour tone )

Highlights-Highlights do still exist. Though more often than not in recent years they tend to be a little softer and less “obvious” than highlights of the 90’s! A classic set of highlights whether t-section, half head or full head, are where we weave or finely slice sections of your hair and paint closer to the root for a higher coverage of colour. Often a technique used to disguise those “natural highlights” creeping through but take note, this makes your colour more obvious while it is growing out and you will have a harsher line of re-growth.

Baby-lights-Baby-lights are one of the most commonly asked for highlight services in recent years. This technique incorporates much finer sections and finely weaved pieces of hair for a more natural but still lifted look. 

Teasy-lights-this is the most natural way in which we highlight hair and teeters on the line between balayage and highlights. Whether the weave is classic or a baby-light, this technique has an added step where we backcomb the root area to diffuse the highlight, making it effortlessly blended with a slight natural shadow near the root area. Not the ideal service for a guest looking for high coverage and a bolder and more high-lighted look.

If in doubt, never feel afraid to book a complimentary consultation with your stylist for clarity of correct services to book and accurate quotation of those services. It’s also a great time to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and have your mandatory colour patch test too! Give us a call today to book in your complimentary service or place a booking online.

Highlighting service by Silja