Return of the Bouncy Blow-Dry

Luxury Treatment & Long Hair Blow Dry by Elvinas

In recent years Hair styling has been dominated by glossy, glam curls and textured, tousled waves. Though we think these are styles that are forever here to stay, we are so happy for the return of the 90’s Bouncy Blow dry. Originally made fashionable by the likes of Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Claudia Schiffer, this voluminous and lux way of styling compliments a ride range of face shapes and haircuts.

So let’s put down those curling want and heat irons and read how to get these amazing looks at home.

Here are some simple steps to Create bouncy blow dry perfection at home

  1. Using the right products – A big part of creating the ultimate bouncy blow dry starts with the foundation of the style. Using lightweight products that are going to create volume and hold are your friends here. We LOVE Liquid spell for this. If you have slightly dryer ends, using a lightweight oil or an all in one milk would be perfect for this.
  2. Use the 60% dry rule – After applying your products you will want to work dry the product in focusing on the roots until the majority of your hair is dry. You will then go in with the brush after. Top Tip: Tip your head upside and dry your hair in every direction possible for maximum root lift.
  3. Knowing the right brush to use – Depending on your hairs length and required amount of bounce, will let you know what to do here. The smaller the barrel of brush, the more bouncy waves/curls you will achieve. The larger the barrel, the more volume at the root and bend/flick you will get through the ends.
  4. How to actually go about the blow dry – Your size of sections will determine how much bounce and definition you will have. Take smaller sections for ultimate bounce and separation and larger sections for a more refined bounce. Make sure you are blow drying with a warm heat first and when your hair is rolled up in the brush, blast with cooler heat, unravel and leave ( do not brush the bounce out at this stage ). For ultimate long lasting shape, pin the wave up after and allow to completely cool.
  5. How to dress out the blow dry – The easiest way is to use your fingers to naturally dress out the shape you have created. This will create a more defined and textured look over all. If you want something a little more sleek and glam, we recommend a natural bristle brush for dressing our hair to bring some shape together and create a more lux look overall.

So there you have it. Grab your brush and hairdryer and have a go yourself. Don’t forget to tag us into your looks on Instagram at @elkhairandbody so we can see your amazing looks! – Make a booking today with one of our team of specialists.