Say Hello To ELK Hair + Body Colour Packages

We are so excited to announce the launch of ELK Hair Colour Packages. As we creep closer to our second birthday and growing significantly with our loyal colour clientele, we decided to create a few packages to reflect our guest demand and most booked services.

Each of these packages are designed with services to create technically and visually beautiful Hair colours whilst maintaining the best condition possible to ensure longevity of colour and healthy hair growth and shine.

Lets get to know our Packages……

The Maintenance Balayage

This package was created for anyone wanting to freshen up their previous Balayage in-between full head appointments. This half head balayage is a little quicker than a full head Balayage and incorporates the following services; Maintenance/Half Head Balayage, Toning, Complimentary ABC Luxury Treatment and a Haircut with styling. (From £235)

Maintenance Balayage by Gilmar

The Ultimate Balayage

This package was created for our Balayage OBSESSED guests. For anyone wanting to freshen up the whole look on a more regular basis and keep their colour and style looking flawless at all times. This package has all the ingredients for a beautiful style whilst maintaining condition. Plus you save a little extra cash when booking this package which is always a winner!

This package incorporates; Full Head Balayage, Toning, Olaplex, Complimentary ABC Luxury Treatment and Haircut with Styling. (From £304)

The Ultimate Balayage By Gilmar

The Re-Fresh

This is the perfect package on so many levels. Whether you want to breath some life back into an old Balayage, Refresh a recent one, Add a boost of shine with a clear gloss or alter the tone of your hair. This is going to be the package for you. (From £66)

Toner Re-Fresh Package by Elvinas

You Can book an appointment Online with any of our skilled team or over at Google and Through the ELK Hair and Body Instagram page: