Skincare and why it is so important…..

A consistently great skincare regime is so important. Day-to-day our skin is exposed to pollution, the sun and sometimes harmful chemicals. Naturally every day our skin is shedding its older layer and looking after the new skin is a must to ensure it stays hydrated and full of glow. At ELK we believe your skincare is an investment and following these simple steps will ensure your skin is looking and feeling its best at all times;

  1. Wash your face with warm water and use gentle cleansers to remove any dead skin and prep your skin for the next part…
  2. Toners are often a step that’s missed, but here’s why you shouldn’t. Skin toner helps to minimise your pours giving you an overall smoother look, removes excess oils, keeps your skin soothed, it adds another layer of protection and helps to retain the moisture in your skin. 
  3. This part is great for sensitive skin types as serums often help to intensely soothe the skin. It is a great step to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keep the skin nice and plump. 
  4. Add some eye cream. Eye creams are usually more gentle and full of collagen. This works wonders on the areas around your eyes where the skin is thinner and more prone to wrinkle, sag and look puffy. 
  5. Moisturizer is often a step used on its own but it simply isn’t enough. Moisturizing is the final piece to the skincare puzzle and your final boost of deep hydration. Moisturizing products typically have SPF technology now and is your lasting barrier of protection from all the outside elements which can be harmful. 

Follow these 5 simple steps to flawless skin, you will not regret it! At ELK we love Monuskin aftercare products. Catering to all types of skin issues, this is an ultra luxe brand aimed at delivering fast and long lasting results.

Don’t forget to book your monthly facial routine with our talented Beauty Therapist Gosia and start your skincare journey today. Flawless skin is just around the corner!