The benefits of Facial Treatments

ELK Signature Facial Treatment by Gosia

Are facial treatments really that beneficial to us? The short answer ABSOLUTELY! here are ELK Hair + Body‘s top reasons why….

  1. Maintain your skins health. Revive dry Skin, Rejuvenate older skin.
  2. To help treat and prevent acne.
  3. To help improve circulation and promote healthy collagen levels keeping the skin plump and youthful.
  4. To eliminate blackheads and whiteheads.
  5. To relieve daily stress and improve mental health.
  6. Deep cleaning for people who suffer with deep pores.
  7. Dramatically slow the aging process of your skin.

These top 7 reasons to have regular facials treatments is only enhanced when you live and work in a bustling city like London, where we are surrounded by pollutive environments, harsh treated water and exposed to every day elements. We recommend at ELK Hair + Body, to have a facial treatment every 6-8 weeks to keep your skin looking its best at all times.

Don’t forget to follow your treatment with your recommended products to use at home and maintain your skin at all times. We LOVE the benefits you receive from our chosen luxury skincare brand, MONUSKIN.

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