The Difference between Beige Blonde & Ash Blonde

Beige Balayage, Creative Toning & Styling by Silja

We get asked so often, what is the difference between beige blonde and ash blonde? Both of the shades are on the same depth of lightness, which are a light shade of blonde. However the undertones differ between each shade.

Beige Blonde – Beige blonde is a neutral tone of blonde with a touch more warmth. This is perfect for lighter and more pale skin tones as it will give your skin a little more warmth and glow. This is also the perfect shade of blonde to compliment natural blondes.

Ash Blonde – Ash Blonde is a much more cooler tone. It consists of more blue, green, grey and violet tones which are often used to neutralise naturally excessive warm bases or to create fashion colour tones.

Ash Blonde Balayage, Toning & Styling by Silja

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