The importance of a good haircare routine….

Davines professional Haircare at ELK Hair + Body

When it comes to looking after your hair, there is nothing like professional haircare brands. They do come with a higher price tag than all other drug store brands (though those guys are creeping up there in price too!) however the technology, the quality of ingredients and the concentration of those ingredients is so so so much more luxe and deliver results almost instantly and long term.

At ELK Hair + Body we believe in using only the highest quality of products, with brands that continue to innovate, evolve and excite us in a sustainable way. And this is why we LOVE Davines Haircare products. Davines as a brand are here for our planet and creating a more sustainable future whilst offering us the most luxurious of haircare products. You will not be disappointed with how these beautiful products treat and make your hair feel amazing!

Here are the top 5 reasons why we love the Davines brand:

  1. They are fully sustainable and planet friendly.
  2. They deliver instant results through innovative technology, luxury ingredients and product formulas for every hair type.
  3. Not only do the products look great, they smell incredible and without the use of heavily alcohol based fragrances.
  4. For a luxury brand, the price point is still affordable.

You can drop by our salon and speak with one of our team regarding any of our products or buy these at ELK’s online store ( Remember if you are local, we will drop them by your home! )