The importance of regular Haircuts

Haircut & Style by Otavio

Regular Haircuts are so important. If you want to grow your hair longer, grow your hair healthily, Maintain a consistent style or keep your hair in a manageable state, a regular trim is going to make your haircare routine so much more simple.

Often we leave haircuts for a long amount of time because we cannot bare the cost for a matter of millimetres coming off of our hair and we TOTALLY understand this. Especially in a time where we are all budgeting a little more. But for you lovely ladies who want long, luscious and maintainable locks, you’ve got to take that investment on-board.

Especially if you have coloured hair or style it with heat styling very regularly which will always make your hair more prone to dryness and splitting. A matter of millimetres being cut is the difference between hair becoming split and breaking and needing to cut more off and catching it in time and growing an extra inch of hair healthily. It really is something so small that makes the biggest difference. Trust us, the investment is worth it!

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