Ultimate Haircut Guide

Sometimes trying to find a new style of Haircut can seem daunting. But fear no more, here is a low down on various different Hairstyles and how they can compliment you and your face shape…..

Textured Bob Hairstyle By Uca

Textured Bob’s are a really fun and versatile style of Haircut. Incorporating longer layers, shaping and textured ends can take this look from sleek and styled for the day, to choppy and textured for the evening. Complimenting this look with Freehand Balayage will make this style of haircut pop perfectly. Oval face shapes are perfect for this look.

Midi-Length Hairstyle by Silja

Midi-Length styles have become one of the most highly requested styles in hair salons of late. It is great for anyone who maybe a little hesitant to go for the chop and wants to still have some length to play around with. It is a fantastic hairstyle for carefree and sophisticated looks. Perfect for the professional girl on the go. This is a perfect style for more rounded or square face shapes.

Poker Straight Hairstyle by Gilmar

Poker straight hairstyles are literally just that, poker straight. This ultra sleek and smooth way of wearing your hair may seem simple in a world where everyone is reaching for curling irons or GHD stylers, but we find this look to be perfect for a youthful and elegant appearance. This way of wearing your hair suits almost every face shape going and looks its best when the hair is well conditioned and full of glossy shine.

Pixie Hairstyle by Silja

Pixie hairstyle looks look best on more rounded, oval and heart shaped faces. This style of hair can be very short and strong in appearance with the use of clippers and strong lines. Or a little longer and softer depending on your face shape and features you want to enhance, incorporating longer length through the hairline and softly textured bangs.