What is a Root Tap, Root Smudge or Root melt?

There are several different techniques we use at ELk Hair + Body to blend the root area of our colours to ensure your Balayage and/or Highlights blend and grow out seamlessly. Let’s learn this dialogue and get to know the best service for your hair colours need…

ROOT TAP – A Root Tap is literally just that. Either a root tint or classic toner service where the colour is tapped at the roots and blurring a harsh, strong line whilst keeping overall lightness. This is a perfect service if you are having a full head of foil highlights and don’t want it too look so obviously coloured at the roots and to grow out softer.

Root Tap on a full head of foils by Elvinas

ROOT SMUDGE(SHADOW) – A Root Smudge or Root Shadow as it is sometimes known, is where we apply a darker shade to the root area and dragging down from anywhere between 1 and 2 inches. This creates ultimate softness at the roots, diffuses any harsh lines and helps add added dimension.

Root Smudge on a highly blended Balayage by Silja

ROOT MELT – A Root Melt is a more dramatic version of a Root Smudge. This is were we apply in much the same way as a smudge/shadow and then pull the colour down much further ( or melt the colour down as we hair people say ). This is either by hand or with a comb. This will come down much further often through to the mid-lengths and create ultimate dimensional colour and a more defined and contrasted look. This is a great creative toner choice for anyone who is super low maintenance or wanting a more edgy styled Balayage.

Root Melt on a Full Head of Balayage with Gilmar

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