What is Reverse Balayage?

Reverse Balayage, Toner and Re-Style by Gilmar

Reverse Balayage is literally just that, the reverse of a classic Balayage or Foilage. It is a technique which usually involves a couple of different techniques…..

  1. Adding a root shadow or root stretch area first and then going through the hair with the same technique of Balayage you use when lightening, using that same natural root colour to break up all the previous blocky colour through the ends
  2. Going through the hair with the same technique of Balayage as when lightening and colouring all the hair that’s left out of the weave and backcomb section, to re-create some dimension and depth to break up a old block colour Balayage.

We at ELK Hair + Body LOVE to use this technique for helping to break up previous Balayage’s which have become overall too blocky through the ends and for guests wanting to transition from Highlights to Balayage.

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