Why do we use toners as part of your colour service?

Balayage, Toner, Olaplex and Restyle by Gilmar

Gone are the days of basic colouring and 2 tone highlights. Now we are in a much more hair colour innovative and creative world where we have more choice than ever, to create bespoke styles of tone for our hair. Adding a toner to your service ensures we are able to achieve and maintain your hairs colour both professionally and for you at home with an infinite shade pallet. 95% of the time your stylist will need to use a toner for these following reasons:

  1. To pre-tone removing excessive warmth before final toning to achieve the desired shade.
  2. To deposit a desired tone through raw lifting (Often the case with Highlights and Balayage Bleaching).
  3. To maintain the level of warmth in your hair, so you walk away with a colour that not only looks great, but has longevity to it.
  4. Softening and blurring harsh lines. Root Taps on highlights is a great example.
  5. Melting colours to create an ombre effect from darker to lighter.

At ELK Hair + body we are OBSESSED with the amazing liquid technology Redken ShadesEQ has to offer and stock a full range of tones to suit all of our guests. For more information on this amazing brand check out the following link https://www.redken.com/blog/at-the-salon/shades-eq-demi-permanent-hair-gloss.