Why ELK Hair + Body is the best salon in North West London…

We believe out team here at ELK Hair + Body are the best you can find in North West London. We pride ourselves on being technically very skilled, Highly professional, Non judgmental and the forefront of what a fantastic Hair and Beauty salon in one of London’s premier locations (Belsize Park) should be. Here are our top 5 reasons why we believe ELK Hair + Body should be your chosen salon ……

  1. A flawless customer journey – We believe our experience starts from the second you walk through the door and are greeted, right up until the last moment of paying for your services and us wishing you a farewell. Every step of your journey has been thoroughly thought out with attention to detail. From warm welcomes, a varied refreshment list, relaxed and zen vibes, bright salon interiors, an ultra calm backwash experience with massaging basins to flawless beauty treatments and hair services, we have you covered every step of the way.
  2. A non intimidating and non judgemental strict policy – You can expect anyone from any walk or life to be fully accepted and welcomed by all of the ELK Hair + Body team. To us, every single guest is an equal and all deserve the same level of respect, attention and service.
  3. Technically skilled levels of services – The ELK Hair + Body team have combined experience exceeding 70 years. With a wealth of knowledge between us all in classic services and modern services reflecting the latest trends, we all take further education to ensure we are at the top of out game very seriously. You can expect skilled knowledge in all forms of Hair and Beauty services.
  4. High levels of customer service – For our team, there are no areas where we will not go above and beyond for each and every one of our guests. We pride ourselves on being attentive individuals who ensure our guests happiness before they exit the door.
  5. Value for your money – Though to some our services may seem a little on the expensive side, we add value to each and every one of your visits. We invest money back into the business with ongoing training on a monthly basis for all of the team, investing in high quality brands and equipment, Allowing extra time for services above the industry standard to allow correct care, keeping a smaller team to ensure you always feel relaxed and not in a chaotic environment and so much more.


For all NEW GUESTS to ELK Hair + Body, you will receive 10% off of your Hair and Beauty services in the month of July. To book your services head over to; https://elkhairbody.mylocalsalon.com/onlinebooking/v7410/Steps/SelectServices.aspx .