Why do I need Olaplex with my colour service?

Diverse Balayage, Olaplex, Toner & Style by Gilmar

Should you be having an Olaplex in colour treatment with your hair colour service? The easy answer is, absolutely! If you have been dying your hair repeatedly we will always recommend you have this treatment. Not only is it highly effective in causing minimal damage and keeps your hair strong and growing nicely, it allows us as professionals to be able to do our services in the healthiest way possible for you and without need of needing to cut larger amounts off of your length.

Here at ELK Hair + Body we like to call it “colour insurance” and we all know to well, insurance is the best investment ever!

How does the treatment work? This is the most intensely concentrated treatment for rebuilding. It penetrates the hair deeper than most other treatment and works on rebuilding and holding together disulphate bonds which are damaged through the lightening process of a Balayage.

What hair types is it best for? The short answer is all hair types. Whether you are brunette and have glossing treatments or scattered highlights and tint kinda gal, Olaplex has its place for ever type of hair. We associate it more with blondes as blonde hair is more prone to breaking than all other hair types due to the process and sometimes, lack of correct after care.

To keep your hair looking its best, feeling its best and growing its best, make sure you complement your services with this amazingly innovative treatment.

Olaplex before looking dull, split and broken and after looking healthy, long, lighter, brighter and more glossy and healthy.